Twentynine Palms Junior High School

Departments & Interdisciplinary Teams


Departments at TPJHS

Electives, English, Math, Physical Education, Science,Social Studies, & Special Education

Professional Learning Community Model

Department members share a common conference and planning period on A-days & C-days.

During conference tims, teachers and instructional assistants collaborate about common assessments, instructional pacing and strategies, and budgetary issues. 

Department Chairperson

The chairperson for each department is responsible for department business and planning.  The chairperson keeps track of the department's budget, arranges and helps put together Parent Nights, submits articles & press releases, and organizes training as needed.

Department Webpages

 You will find information that applies to the entire department.  Each teacher also has his/her own website with specifics on assignments, due dates, classroom rules, policies, and procedures.

Sight Coordinators


GATE: Jim Cottrell

ELD: Jackie Brandt


DATA Specialist:  Jen Smith

PBIS Coordinator:  James Ruggiero

Star/Benchmark:  Jen Smith

Parent Involvement:  Terry Burdett

Interdisciplinary Teams

TPJHS Interdisciplinary Teams

Team Olympians, Team Apollo, and Team Athenians

Purpose of Teams

1. Allows core teachers (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) to share common students. Most of these students will stay with the same core teachers for their two years at TPJHS.

2. Allows core teachers to share conference periods on B-days and C-days.

3. Provides time for progress monitoring of individual students across the curriculum and making referrals for students to the CCT process for the establishment of ILP’s (Individual Learning Plans).

Conferencing with the Team

During these conference times team all team members (the teachers) are available to conduct progress monitoring and conference with students and families. Please call the school or email the contact listed below to arrange for a team conference.  

Email contacts for conferences with teams:

Team Olympians - Mr. Ted Luke

Team Apollo- Mr. Jim Atkins

Team Athenians- Mrs. Amanda Mayes