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Behavior Modification & Disciplinary Procedures

TPJHS School ID Policy


To ensure the safety of all students at TPJHS and to prevent unauthorized visitors from being on campus, all students are required to have Schoolphoto identification cards ...more

TPJHS Dress Code

It is important for parents and students to keep Twentynine Palms Junior High’s Dress Code in mind when purchasing clothes for school. Students whose dress violates this Dress Code will be asked to ...more

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Falcon Code of Conduct (F.C.C.)


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Behavior Modification Plan & Disciplinary Procedures

Twentynine Palms Junior High School has a three-tiered interventions plan for behavior modification and disciplinary intervention. The goals with the program are to minimize classroom disruptions, redirect undesirable behavior that distracts from the learning process, and communicate with students and families when student behavior is less than acceptable.


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Tier I: Demerit Reports

Demerits are issued for minor behavior infractions in the classroom or on campus. Consider these a formal, written warning to change an undesriable behavior. When a staff member witnesses one of ...more

Tier II: Behavior Incident Reports

(Tier II) BIRs are a non-punitive intervention used to communicate the occurrence of improper behaviors, disruptions, or defiant actions which both the student and parent/guardian must be made aware.

Tier III: Teacher Class Suspensions

California Education Code 48910 (a)

A teacher may suspend any pupil from class, for any of the acts enumerated in Section 48900, for the day of the suspension and the day following. The teacher shall ...more

Disciplinary Referrals

Students will receive disciplinary referrals when all other means of correction have failed to bring about the desired behavior. We realize the impact of suspension or expulsion on student academic ...more

CA Education Code 48900-48927

Please click the link below for a resource regarding California Education Code:

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