Twentynine Palms Junior High School
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  • Twentynine Palms Junior High School is a two-year (7th & 8th Grade) comprehensive junior high school.
  • TPJHS is uniquely located in the Mojave Desert between a military base (Marine Corp Air Ground Combat Center, 29 Palms) and a national park (Joshua Tree National Park). The proximity to these entities provides TPJHS with many opportunities and a diverse population.
  • Copper Mountain Community College is located 10 miles to the west and is actively involved with TPJHS.
  • TPJHS is located within a short drive of San Bernardino Mountains (Big Bear City), Palms Springs & the Aerial Tramway , & the Salton Sea.
  • We are located within a 3 hour ride to the Pacific Ocean (Los Angeles & San Diego), the Colorado River & Lakes, & Las Vegas.
  • The TPJHS campus was originally the 29 Palms High School and still houses the 29 Palms High School football & soccer stadium.
  • TPJHS is located next to Twentynine Palms Elementary School, Lucky Park, and the Morongo Unified School District offices.
  • TPJHS has access to the Lucky Park swimming pool, baseball diamonds, and picnic areas.
  • Many of our student participate in 29 Palms Park & Recreation activities (martial arts, dance, sports, etc.)
  • TPJHS fields boys & girls sports teams in football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, & baseball.
  • It can get hot...and cold! Temperatures reach 100+ °F (38 °C) on 90 days, 90-100°F (32 °C) on 155 days, and the freezing mark on 24 nights annually.


Where is Twentynine Palms?

TPJHS Block Schedule

TPJHS runs on a 4x4 block bell schedule (with an additional 8 period day). Students are assigned 8 classes that are attended on alternating days. Periods 1-4 are on "A-days", Periods 5-8 are on "B-days", and all periods normally meet once a week on "C-days".

All students are assigned the core classes of language arts, math, science, and social studies & a physical education class. Depending on academic need, student will be afforded three elective courses for both enrichment and remediation.





STEM Robotics

Personal Finance

iPass (math)

Read180 (language arts)

Civil Rights

Ancient Civilizations

20th Century Heroes & Villains

California Cadet Corps

Band (Beginning & Advanced)

Piano keyboard


Expository Writing


Yearbook Fitness for Life

After-School Activites

When: Wednesdays & Thursdays from Mid-September to Mid-May.

Time: 2:00-3:30 (Busses are available)

Activities List