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De Luca, Carey
Tili, Eric

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TPJHS Falcons

TPJHS Falcons

School Mile Points


1st Semester:
8 and under = 6 points(Bonus pt)
9:00-10:59   = 5 pts
11:00-12:59 = 4 pts
13:00-13:59 = 3 pts
14:00-14:59 = 2 pts

15:00-15:59 = 1 pt
  16+              = 0 pts

2nd Semester:

8 and under = 6 points (bonus pt)
8:01-9:59     = 5 pts
10:00-11:59 = 4 pts
12:00-12:59 = 3 pts
13:00-13:59 = 2 pts
14:00-15:00 = 1 pt
15+ = 0 pts


Physical Education Current Event

5 Points



  1. Find a newspaper or magazine article that relates to a sport, health, fitness, or nutrition.
  2. Read the article.
  3. Write a 1-page summary about the article. This MUST be in your own words.
  4. Staple the article to your summary.
  5. Include your name, teacher’s name, date that you missed, and class period.


*You must do one current event per day that was missed.  You will have one week to turn this make-up work in to your coach.


The Fitness Game Field is done once a week during class time.  It consists of a variety of fitness stations which allow the students to work different muscle groups as well as cardiovascular endurance.  Many of the stations work the student in areas which will benefit them later as they complete the physical fitness test.