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Mathematics Department

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Tests and Corrections

Talking/Cheating During a Test:  Students observed talking for any reason or cheating during an exam will receive a T in the grade book.  This T equates to a zero/zero percent. The T will be replaced with a score if the student makes arrangements to participate in after school tutorials or Saturday School and competes a new exam. The new exam could be a different version of the original exam but will be equivalent to the same number of points.  Students will receive full credit for the retest.


Test Corrections:  Students permitted to make corrections in class will have to show evidence of their work by means of equations, justifications, graphs, definitions, or a written mathematical explanation as to why the new answer is correct. Even if a correct answer is provided, it will not receive credit if the work does not reflect understanding.  


Low Score Replacements:  Students will still be permitted to participate in after school tutorials and Saturday School to improve their grade.  Students will be permitted to complete a new study guide and retake tests or quizzes. The classroom teacher will work with each student individually to help him/her raise their grade upon request.  



This is an assessment for learning and achievement that is carried out daily in various forms, i.e., homework corrections, bell work and warm-up activities, questioning and observing, white board or note taking activities, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based) goals and quizzes.  Assessment information is used as feedback to guide instruction and adapt to student needs.  Formative assessments are an ongoing process used to make instructional adjustments for continuous student learning. 


Data driven tutorials our a major line of defense in supporting individual student needs.  Students are assesses every other week with results scanned into Data Director, a program that identifies student mastery of their CA Math Standards.  Teachers meet weekly in department meets to evaluate the data, set SMART goals for remediation, and identify those students whose data reflects a need for additional tutoring during our Tuesday/Thursday homeroom period.  Those students will get their planner stamped with directions on where to go for focused tutoring.


This assessment of learning is used to measure or audit attainment of learning.  Summative assessments are generally administered at the end of a chapter and include benchmark and CST exams where students are evaluated on how well they complete the assignment.   Results of these assessments are used to make final "success or failure" decisions about a relatively fixed set of instructional activities.


Cumulative quarterly district assessments also entered into Data Director help teachers identify program and student success and needs.  This data is an essential tool in the process of how we plan, teach, reflect, and apply instruction.  All students will take this assessment with results sent to MUSD Curriculum and Instruction.  In the classroom, teachers frequently use this data as an end of quarter assessment (midterm or final exam).


The last two weeks of April are set aside for district wide state testing.  It is essential that students experience success from the first week of school to master this rigorous exam that weighs heavily on future academic opportunities.  Teachers and support staff are here to support our students in their individual needs by providing learning environments, standards based and data driven instruction, homeroom and after school tutorials, and numerous avenues of tech support.

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Atkins, James
Mathematics Teacher/AVID/Team Leader
Brewer, Malisha
Education Specialist
Burdett, Terry
Mathematics Department Chairperson/ASB Advisor
Kenney, Gerry
Language Arts/Reading/Special Education Department Chairperson
Sellers, Elizabeth
Woolever, Carmen


Students may turn in late work for partial credit.  This policy has been in affect since August and will continue within 2 weeks of each semester unless otherwise noted in class.

After School Math Tutoring

Math tutorials are set for 2:00 - 3:20 on Wednesday with Mr. Atkins.  Transportation is free.  An after school permission teacher is required.  Due to the high volume of participants, students need to sign-up weekly with the teacher they are tutoring with as it is first come, first serve.