Twentynine Palms Junior High School


Team Olympian Meeting Availability

How to Schedule a Meeting with the Team Teachers

  1. Please look at the meeting availability calendar above.
  2. Find a calendar date & time that works for you and says "Olympians: Conference Available".
  3. Email Mrs. Colella to reserve that date and time. To reduce double-booking, the meeting times will be filled in order of contact with Mrs. Colella only. 
  4. Contact Mrs. Colella or Mr. Luke if you have any questions.


Team Olympians

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Plan to Succeed, Prepare to Succeed, Expect to Succeed

Team Olympians Motto: What does it mean?

Plan to Succeed: Success comes from taking one step after another, with purpose, focus, discipline and persistence. To make your efforts their most effective, put together a plan. Make quality goals that are reachable.

Prepare to SucceedYou must carefully prepare to reach success both mentally (have a positive attitude & be focused on learning) and technically (learn everything you can; soak it in like a sponge). More learning = more preparation for the future. Be organized and have materials ready. 

Expect to Succeed: Expectations hold great power! When you expect success and focus on it, your world will rearrange itself to align to those expectations. A confident, positive person with a clear focus and solid plan of action is the kind of person that everybody wants to work with! When you expect success they feed of it as well. 

Tips for Olympians

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Student Success Pages & Links (including Team Handbook)

Please go to  to see:

  • Team Handbook online
  • Test-Taking Tips on PDF
  • Interactive Notebook Left-Side Menu PDF
  • Keeping Interactive Notebooks PDF
  • Classroom Survival Skills PDF from Boy's Town Classroom



Burdett, Terry
Mathematics Department Chairperson/ASB Advisor
Colella, Catherine
Language Arts Teacher - Drama Teacher - Team Olympians Leader
Harrigan, Robert
Social Sciences Teacher/Team Leader
Luke, Ted
Educator: Science & Personal Finance & Team Olympian Academic Head Coach

Teacher & Team Due Dates

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Top 10 Tips for Getting Better Grades

10. Get enough rest.

9. Go to class everyday; be on-time.

8. Pay attention.

7. Take notes.

6. Write down your assignment.

5. Turn off the T.V. and the telephone and face away from distractions (like windows).

4. Don't procrastinate. 

3. Do your homework.

2. Turn in your work.

1. Ask for help before it's too late.