Twentynine Palms Junior High School

School Supplies

Although none of these materials are required, they are a great starter for any student. Keep in mind that the first two items will provided to students at no cost to the family. All of the supplies purchased by students and families for school are designed for personal use. These supplies are NOT intended for communal use. Students and families are certainly welcome to go above and beyond the items on this list. These are merely a recommendation to help get people started on the journey back to school.

1" Binders (Students will receive complimentary binders at orientation or on the date of first enrollment.)

Agenda Book/Student Planner (Students will receive complimentary planners at orientation or on the date of first enrollment.)


Subject Dividers (Students are assigned eight classes. So, eight dividers seems appropriate.)

Lined Paper (College ruled is preferrable, but wide ruled works just the same.) 

Sprial Lined Notebooks (These are really helpful for keeping notes over the long haul.)


Calculator (Keep it simple. Most teachers are going to expect that you work out all computations, but it could be a helpful tool.)

Ruler (It's a good tool to have.)


#2 Pencils (Going with mechanical pencils saves a great deal of time sharpening in the classroom.)

Glue Sticks (This is certainly not an all the time tool, but it's a lot less messy than the liquid stuff.)

Pink Erasers (One can never have too many erasers.)

Ball Point Pens (Blue and Black are the best colors for school. Having a few red pens can help when you are editing papers. Remember that school policy prohibits the possession and/or use of permanent markers on campus.)

Colored Pencils (These are really handy when you need them, but they are certainly not an every day tool.)

Highlighter Pens (These are great when trying to "highlight" key ideas in your notes. A great tool to have.)